Clothing for Trees During Fall and Winter!


If you visit Korea during the cold seasons in the fall and winter, you will see many trees with clothes on.


In the fall and winter, Korea gets pretty darn cold, especially when it snows.  Sometimes this can kill younger, smaller trees so Koreans like to give their trees some clothing using some hay.

This will protect the trees from freezing and dying.   It’s a very familiar scene if you happen to go to Korea in the winter.

Tree Clothing – [나무 옷] – Na-Mu-Ot

For really small baby trees, it gets a nice hay-hat treatment.

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  1. SpamH8R1007 says:

    I’ve been told that they do this also to prevent trees from being infested with bugs in the Spring. Instead of trees, the bugs will lay eggs in these “tree clothing” and remain dormant in these covers. Early Spring, they’ll remove these covers and burn them.

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