YongSan Electronic District in Seoul, Korea!


YongSan (용산) District in Seoul, Korea is the oldest and the biggest electronic district in Korea.   Now there’s a bunch of districts in Seoul with focus on gadgets but YongSan District is still the biggest gadget land in Korea.

Here, you can find anything from a PS3, smartphone, electronic parts and anything that’s electronic.

If there was something like a Silicon Valley in Korea (where consumers can buy gadgets on the cheap), it would be called YongSan (or is it is).

I used to come to YongSan often when I used to live in Korea as a youngster to pick up PC components.  Here, there’s no real set price on anything, you need to “haggle” your way.

Sometimes, you can pick up electronics for fractions of the price.  One time, I picked up an audio PC card at 75% off its retail price.

Of course, tourists must be even more careful as the retailers here will over-charge you if they know you are a tourist.  But don’t worry, you just need to shop around, there’s like a hundred stores selling the same thing, just find the store with the lowest prices.

At YongSan, you will find a ton of Electronic malls, not just one.

At YongSan, there are different sections that sell different gadgets such as the smartphone section, PC parts section, car audio section, etc…etc…

There’s even merchants who just lay out a bunch of gadgets on the streets or parking lot, you can get some really great deals on gadgets here.

Above is photo of the entrance to the smartphone section at YongSan.  You see all those people standing in front of their stores?  They will literally grab your arm and tell you to buy a new smartphone at their store.

Certainly, YongSan is worth a visit for all you electronics and gadget lovers (like myself).

Don’t forget to make a wishlist of what you are going to buy first because you will want to pick up a good deal on gadgets when you are here.

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