N Seoul Tower – NamSan Tower! [Part 1]


On my last visit to Seoul, Korea, I visited the N Seoul Tower or also called NamSan Tower for years by residents.

There’s several ways to get to the N Seoul Tower and last time I drove up almost all the way to the top and walked up.  This time, I decided to try a different route and take the cable car.

If you travel a block down from the N Seoul Tower cable car building, you will find several Tonkatsu restaurants that specialize in only serving Tonkatsu and are renowned in Korea for having the best Tonkatsu.

So, I did try some Tonkatsu before I took up on the cable car as I was rather hungry.

It was definitely a really good and hearty meal so I definitely advise you to stop by this area for some tonkatsu if you are going to go to N Seoul Tower.

In between the tonkatsu restaurants and the N Seoul Tower cable car building, I saw a bunch of Chinese people waiting at what I believe is the Chinese embassy.  Don’t ask me why but there were waiting for something.

This is where the N Seoul Tower cable car starts, just a typical cable car, nothing special.

I bought my round-trip ticket for 7,500 won or about $7 USD.

Can you see the N Seoul Tower?

Certainly, N Seoul Tower is a must-go destination for travelers as it’s the highest point in Seoul, Korea.

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[남산타워] [n서울타워]

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  1. Maggie says:

    Hello! Can i have the address for this tonkatsu place? thank you

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