Korean Subway – Seoul Metro!


Seoul’s subway called Seoul Metro, is one of the biggest subway systems in the world.

The Korean subway isn’t like any other subway you’ve ridden though, there’s a bunch of ads, TVs, newstands, shops, and even small restaurants.

How to use the Korean subway?  You need to wait where the foot diagrams are so people can get out the center path.  When the subway gets busy like during rush hour, don’t mind people who hit you with their shoulders as if they are playing football because they ARE playing football in the subway, literally.

Just don’t end up as one of those rude people on the Korean subway.

There’s cameras everywhere in the city of Seoul including the subway.

Yes, you are being watched.

Advertising on the subway is virtually everywhere, this is probably good advertising space though as near 20 million people ride the subway on a daily basis.

Oh god, can you please stop the ad spam?  Don’t worry, Koreans are used to ads and advertisers have no worries about spreading them like spam.   Maybe that is why Koreans love spam.

The funny thing about Korean subway system is that it gets bigger every year.

In about 2005 when I used to live in Korea, this subway map used to be about half the size.

In year 2050, I bet the whole Korean metropolitan cities will be connected via subway.

And there’s a ton of HDTVs for you to enjoy on the subway.  I guess Samsung had too many of these TVs left over.

In Korea, you can’t use cash to pay for the subway, you need some kind of RFID card.  Most people have this feature on their credit cards and you can place your card here.

You can also get an RFID tag (that can be attached to your cellphone) at the subway and re-charge it as needed at the nearest re-charging station.

Talk about advanced, this is the way to go while here in San Francisco, people are starting to talk about automating Golden Gate Bridge tolls.

If you ride the bus within 30 minutes of riding the subway, your bus ride is also free.  And yes, your RFID card/tag will keep track of this.

You can see here there’s a 7-Eleven, clothing shop, and Dunkin’ Donuts at the subway so you can take a teaser break while you travel on the Korean subway.

At certain subway stations in Korea, there’s even underground malls where you can shop.  I will have more on that later.

I am not trying to boast the Korean subway system or anything but in my experience of traveling many other subway systems in the world, it is the most advanced as you can literally go to any place in Seoul via the subway plus it’s growing and getting better every year.

Now who needs a good subway system?  LA does, it has the worst subway system in the world, doesn’t get you anywhere.


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