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Korean Air Prestige Class Review!

On my last trip to Korea, I decided to find out what it is like to fly on Korean Air’s Prestige Class, which is basically Business Class. By the way, in my opinion, the absolute best flight from the U.S. to Korea is Korean Air. Why? The food is really good, Korean Air gives you Korean food, it beats any other food hands down.  Last time I flew Singapore Air (which is cheap as hell) but had a bad stomach ache for couple days. Also, service is much better on Korean Air, lives up to the Korean standard. Anyways, the Korean Air Prestige Class is highly recommended as the reclining chair will let you take a good sleep while on the 10-hour flight to Incheon, Korea. Once on the flight, they give you slippers you can wear so put aside your shoes! Lunch menu is my favorite, they serve BiBimbap, which is Korean mixed rice with vegetables and beef.  It really satisfies your hunger and keeps other gases at bay while flying for long hours. The automatic chair has a lot of customizations which takes a bit getting used to.  You can lay almost all the way flat or recline … Continue reading

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