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N Seoul Tower – NamSan Tower! [Part 7]

Finally, I bought a ticket to the N Seoul Tower observatory.  Yes, this is the actual N Seoul Tower. There’s also a world-famous Bear Museum on the bottom floor of N Seoul Tower.  I will have to visit that another time. We took a high-speed elevator that took us to T3 floor, the observatory. The N Seoul Tower observatory has 360 degree clear views of Seoul and each window shows you how far in kilometers it is from other countries. New York is about 11,061 kilometers away. And Pyongyang, capital of North Korea is only 193.60 kilometers away.  That’s only 120 miles and reason why there’s a high tension between North and South Korea.  A nuclear missile won’t take long to reach Seoul. I’ve always wondered why Korea doesn’t move the capital more south but then there’s no place in Korea like Seoul. The views are priceless at N Seoul Tower observatory. (of course)  Definitely worth the 8,000 won I paid for my ticket. San Francisco, my hometown, is 9,040.09 kilometers facing east.  I traveled pretty far to take these photos, yey. Russia isn’t too far away. More distances to different countries. Distances to Southeast Asian countries can be seen … Continue reading

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