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Makkoli Tasting at Tricycle Bar near HapJung Station!

On my last visit to Korea in February 2011, my friend’s cousin introduced me to the best Makkoli bars in Seoul, Korea. I could tell by how he drank the Korean rice wine and he took me to some of the best Makkoli tasting bars in Seoul. One of the Makkoli bars we went was called Tri-cycle (세발자전거). This Makkoli bar specializes in Paldo(팔도막걸리) Makkoli. Paldo Makkoli is actually made of 8 different types of Makkoli from 8 different regions in South Korea. (Above chart shows you which region of South Korea the Paldo Makkoli is from.) FYI, Makkoli you will taste in South Korea is going to be much better than if you have the exported Makkoli in the U.S. or elsewhere in the world. The main reason behind is that the best Makkoli in the world have a “perfect” temperature controlled environment from its Makkoli factory to the consumer at Makkoli bars. Exported Makkoli loses this special taste, something you can only taste within Korea. Also, Makkoli is without a doubt the healthiest alcoholic beverage in the world with live yeast and 100 times more good germs than yogurt for the same serving size. So, for this visit, … Continue reading

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Makkoli Do-Duk – Korean Rice Wine Bar Review!

Makkoli (막걸리) is the name for Korean rice wine, very similar to Japanese unfiltered sake. In Korea, there’s a bunch of Korean Makkoli bars that specialize in providing customers with various different flavors of Makkoli. On this day, we went to a Korean Rice Wine Bar called “Makkoli Do-Duk” (막걸리도둑), which means Korean Rice Wine Burglar. (It’s in Hong Dae somewhere) Korean rice wine is usually served on a small bowl, not a shot glass or wine glass.  And also you can pour more from the bigger teapot. Here’s a quick look at the menu at Makkoli Do-Duk. The first page of the menu lists different types of beer, soju, and 5 different flavors of the most popular Makkoli. Don’t mistaken Korean bars as a place that only sell liquor because it’s Korean tradition to always eat some food along with Makkoli. This particular Makkoli bar had some really great food to offer, meats, soups, and a ton more great food to eat along with your Makkoli. Next time you are in Korea, I highly recommend you to check out a Makkoli bar as they have great food, rice wine, and good times for you and your friends. Makkoli is … Continue reading

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