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N Seoul Tower – NamSan Tower! [Part 4]

When you walk around a bit, you will find these Christmas trees (or love trees I found out) where people will lock their locks with some writing. Let’s take a close look at how crazy Koreans are about leaving their love mark on the N Seoul Tower. You can see “Dr Cindy Leung”, looks like many tourists have left their mark too.  You don’t have to bring your own lock but just buy it at the N Seoul Tower gift shop and lock-in your love life here too when you visit. Some locks look like they have been here for over a decade! Korea is probably only place where they allow people to leave their locks like this. Some even use bike locks, um… And some use ping pong balls. Literally there’s millions locks, I wonder if we can even count them all. Here’s a cool shot I took of the love tree over N Seoul Tower. It doesn’t end here though, later I will show you even more locks. Go back to Part 3 Go to Part 5

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