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3 Men Daytime Drinking in Insadong! [Image Cache]

(Click photo to enlarge) Right on the south side of Insadong, Seoul, Korea, I took this photo of this wall with painting of mountains. At the time, I didn’t realize it but now I realize there were 3 men in the photo daytime drinking, they were drinking Korean rice wine Makkoli. As you can see in the close-up, these guys look like hikers that went hiking perhaps and taking a break with daytime drinking. Daytime drinking is very common for old folks in South Korea (as is here in the U.S.).  And no, the police isn’t going to do anything, it’s part of the culture!

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Seolleongtang – Korean Beef Soup!

Another favorite food of mine is the SeolLeongTang (설렁탕), it’s a Korean beef soup that’s made from beef bones. They actually boil the beef bones (a certain part of it) for over 12-24 hours and the beef soup gets its taste.   It’s supposed to be really good for you after a hard workout since it has a lot of protein. You mix the soup with some rice and enjoy it.  There’s also some noodles in it too. Most restaurants will serve SeolLeongTang with side dishes and while still boiling hot in a earthy bowl that keeps it hot.  It’s especially great during winter months when it’s freezing cold and you need a good, hot meal to keep you going. Now I talk about it, I think I am going to go get some. For those of you in the U.S., most Korean restaurants actually sell this so you can enjoy it too.  But certainly it tastes better in Korea. I tried this particular SeolLeongTang in Insadong, Seoul, Korea.   I highly recommend it.

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Super Large Korean Brush!

On the streets of Insadong in Seoul Korea, I was walking and spotted this super large brush.  I believe this is what they used back in the day (like since 3000 years ago) to make signs and whatnot.  Pretty cool huh? And check out some of other varieties of traditional Korean brushes this store sells. Click Here for the GoogleMaps GPS location of Insadong in Seoul Korea.

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