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Sorae Pogu Fish Market in Incheon Korea! – Part 2

When we actually arrived at the center of Sorae Pogu fish market, we were delighted with all kinds of fresh fish they had. Everyone kept yelling at us to buy their stuff, just typical Korean-style of trying to get customers interested in buying their fish. Check out some of these fresh shrimps, fresh off the boat. Koreans love to eat Sashimi with live fish, here’s some live fish you can eat sashimi with.   They have virtually no Korean sashimi outside Korea, I believe this is mainly due to the fact that Korean fish doesn’t live in the U.S. waters.   There’s like a thousand different types of Korean fish sashimi the world doesn’t know about. Of course, Koreans don’t eat everything live, they also make fish soup, fried fish, etc…etc… Check out some of these native, Korean crabs.  They are very similar to the blue crabs in the U.S. but of course, it tastes better for Korean food. Koreans also eat all types of fish intestines and, here’s a store we spotted that sold them. Koreans like to marinate the fish intestines and eggs with Korean hot pepper flavor, doesn’t it look yummy? By the way, these fish intestines … Continue reading

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