Korean Gas Stations



For those of you who might visit Korea, you might notice something about Korean gas stations.

What is that?

Look carefully and tell me what you can find in the photo above and below:


If you look very carefully, you will notice that there’s gas handles coming from the top!


Yes, that’s quite the norm for most Korean gas stations.

And Korean gas stations are all “full service”, they will not let you pour your own gas. No, no need to tip them either, there’s no tipping in Korea unless you “really” want to.

Most of these gas stations will also give you free stuff like napkins everytime you fill up.

When you fill up your car at a Korean gas station, you just need to tell them how much you want to fill up.

For example, tell them “20,000 won” if you want to fill up 20,000 won worth of gas.

If you want full fill-up, just say “Man-Dang”.

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