Clubbing in KangNam, Seoul!


If you are into nightlife, there’s really two good places to go in Seoul, HongDae or KangNam.

KangNam is where I used to live in Korea couple years back when I was working in Korea, I literally went clubbing every weekend so I know where the hotspots are.

Last time I was in KangNam, I went to KangNam NB, to take some photos and show you what it’s like.

Drinks are a lot cheaper in Korea than here in the States.

Sadly, a lot of these young Koreans don’t know how to really get it on.  That is probably the only downside to clubbing in Korea.  Of course, there “are” some nights you can get some action on but most nights, people are a bit too conservative at the clubs.

I did spot this guy who had a really funny hairdo, I had to take a photo with him.

If you goto HongDae, there’s also bunch more clubs and probably a bit more foreigners.

Another thing, in Korea, they won’t let you in if you wear too formal.  Just dress casual so you can get it.

If you are white or black, you will get in no matter what, these clubs want white or black people but they like to kick out their own Koreans.  No joking, that’s what happened to my friend last time.  I got so pissed.

Overall, clubbing in Korea isn’t like clubbing here in the States, much more conservative but that doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t get it on.   You might get lucky to find one of them (like I did when I used to go clubbing in Korea all the time).

Of course, if you just want a night out with your friends and have fun dancing, the clubs are definitely a good way to go.

Entrance fees are very cheap too, around $5 or $10 at most.

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