Motorcycle Korean Cops!


Korean economy has certainly gotten better over the last 20 years or so and now Korean motorcycle cops get to drive some nice bikes like a BMW or Harleys.

Not sure why Korean cops chose to drive foreign-made bikes but most likely because they like them.

Not all motorcycle cops get to drive the nicer bikes but the higher-ranking police do.

BMW and Harley bikes are pretty popular in Korea and I will have some more posts on that soon too.

By the way, motorcycle is called “Auto-buy” in Korea.  Not sure why but it’s called “auto-buy”.


(Mr. officer guiding the traffic near Kang Nam station.)

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2 Responses to Motorcycle Korean Cops!

  1. Igor P says:

    They are called “oto bye” because it is Konglish for autobike.

  2. Kitty says:

    I enjoy your site and information as I’m very interested in Korean culture/language/foods etc…but I was wondering why don’t you have more videos of this information and not just still pictures with comments…so we can see it in action? I did see one on Youtube & Yahoo about making Kimchi, but thought this section may have had some too…is there a page particular that you put the videos on?

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