Club NB in KangNam, Seoul, Korea!


Probably the two favorite places to go clubbing in Seoul, Korea is KangNam and HongDae. On my last trip, I visited the Club NB in KangNam, Seoul, Korea, where I used to live.

Club NB is usually full of young native Korean crowds (who can’t dance) but sometimes you will find several foreigners who can. This is one of my favorite places to go clubbing (as it’s close to KangNam station) and highly recommended for anyone to bring their girlfriends.

Of course, I will be plain honest that most Korean girls at Club NB are very conservative and your player skills will not work (on most girls) so I suggest you to bring your own girls. I’ve lived in KangNam for about a year and been to this club like every weeked so I know what I am talking about.

Other than that, Club NB has great drinks and music. Not the biggest club in Korea but certainly one worthwhile visiting. Hey, you never know, you might meet a chic here.

But if you want to meet some Korean girls who are down to get under, you might just want to check out some local HipHop concerts, where girls are more open to American-style freakish dance. Or there’s also NB Club in HongDae, which is a bit more international crowd who’s bit more wild.

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  1. anon says:

    You need to get your game up if you’re having trouble at NB. Never had a problem scoring a girl there. Just get out there and dance.

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