Sorae Pogu Fish Market in Incheon Korea! – Part 1


Sora Pogu fish market in Incheon, Korea is one of the coolest places to get some “real” Korean Hae (회), sorta like Japanese sashimi but with Korean fish.  Not that many tourists know about this fish market (and I might be the first one to tell the world about it) but this fish market is “the” place to visit if you come to South Korea.

Upon arrival, I didn’t really get to see the fish market but just a bunch of seafood restaurants. (and a delivery truck pictured above)  This was actually my first time to the Sorae Pogu market and my aunt is a long-time resident of Incheon who took me here.

What I was about to see (the fish market) was going to be very exciting. (if you are into fish and seafood that is)

While walking to the Sorae Pogu fish market, we saw a bunch of offers for some seafood snacks and some fresh, local Makkuli (Korean rice wine).  I should have sat down for some, now I regret it everyday for not day-time drinking.

Upon walking further towards the center of the fish market, we noticed more and more fish shops like shown above.  When we came, it was only about 11AM, meaning most stores were just opening.   And yes, when you come at night, these streets are filled with people and you can barely walk. (my aunt told me)

We came up on some fresh fish, ready to be dried/cooked.

This one place was cooking some fresh, corn bread.

I guess this store make just corn bread only but it does look pretty darn good, the sign aboe says this store has been featured on TV and radio multiple times.  Next time, I will have to try some corn bread here.

As we walked further into the actual fish market, we saw more and more fresh fish.

Koreans love shells, and here’s just a couple variety of Korean shells.

Check out these giant octopuses!  These you can’t eat live because their tentacles are too strong.  The live octopuses people eat in Korea are baby octopuses, otherwise you’d choke to death.

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  2. James Melbourne says:

    I used to call it Sashimi. One of the reasons why I stopped calling it Sashimi is that Japanese Sashimi has a completly different taste and look due to the fact that it contains different fish and it is eaten in a different manner. Japanese Sashimi commonly is more colourful this is becouse it contains a blood red colored BluefinTuna and salmon. This is commonly not available in fresh fish markets in Korea becouse it is not fresh. It has to be killed immediately and placed on ice. This fish is however commonly available at Buffet places throughtout the country. To get the real Japanese Sashimi you have to either go to a high priced resturant or buy it ready prepared at a department store. The stuff at department stores is not fresh although it contains Salmon from Norway which is really yummy. Korean Hoe is also eaten in a different way to Japanese Sashimi. Japanese Sashimi is not eaten with Gochujang nor is wrapped in lettuce or leaves. I think both and good havever for freshness I think the Korean stuff comes out on top

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