Mr. Pizza – The Most Delicious Korean Pizza!


The first time I ate pizza (before I immigrated to the U.S.) was actually in Korea, they used to have PizzaHut in Seoul as early as 1987, or at least that’s the first time I had pizza.  Of course, I fell in love with pizza.

Over the last 20 something years since I had my first pizza, South Korea has worked localizing their pizza with some of the popular Korean pizzas like Korean BBQ pizza, Potato Pizza, or even Kimchi pizza.

Anyways, my all-time favorite Korean pizza is the potato pizza from Korean pizza franchise Mr. Pizza.

I found out last week when I was in Koreatown, Los Angeles, that they have a bunch of stores (and ate some of course).  So if you live in Southern California, you might be lucky enough to visit and try the potato pizza.

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