Korean Grapes – The Sweetest/Best Grapes in the World!


When I used to grow up in South Korea as a young kid, I never knew grapes could taste “sour” like here in the States.  Well, when I visited Korea my mom served me the “real” Korean grapes.

Korean grapes are so sweet, there’s no bitter/sour taste to it at all with very soft feel to it.  Of course, these are “not exported”.  There’s another version of Korean grapes that are exported but do not taste as sweet as good as this one.

Anyways, if you goto Korea, you have to try these grapes, they are the best-tasting grapes in the world.  Oh yeah, Korean pears are good too, the best in the world.

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  1. Karl says:

    Yes, I agree. You will not be able to find 100% grape juice in Australia. But you will love 100% Korean grape juice if you are in Korea. Enjoy it when you can.

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