Korean Air Prestige Class Review!


On my last trip to Korea, I decided to find out what it is like to fly on Korean Air’s Prestige Class, which is basically Business Class.

By the way, in my opinion, the absolute best flight from the U.S. to Korea is Korean Air.


The food is really good, Korean Air gives you Korean food, it beats any other food hands down.  Last time I flew Singapore Air (which is cheap as hell) but had a bad stomach ache for couple days.

Also, service is much better on Korean Air, lives up to the Korean standard.

Anyways, the Korean Air Prestige Class is highly recommended as the reclining chair will let you take a good sleep while on the 10-hour flight to Incheon, Korea.

Once on the flight, they give you slippers you can wear so put aside your shoes!

Lunch menu is my favorite, they serve BiBimbap, which is Korean mixed rice with vegetables and beef.  It really satisfies your hunger and keeps other gases at bay while flying for long hours.

The automatic chair has a lot of customizations which takes a bit getting used to.  You can lay almost all the way flat or recline at your favorite angle with the foot rest being able to be customized too.

I remember flying Korean Air business class like 10 years ago but it has certainly gotten much better since then.

This is me with the Prestige Class seat normal.  The guy next to me is at about 45 degree angle.

Oops, this is me smoking cigarettes, don’t tell anyone.

This is with the seat almost all the way flat.

And this is with my foot rest almost flat.

I am 5′ 9″ so this Prestige Class is just about perfect for my height.  If you are a bit taller, it might actually be too small for you to go all the way flat.  (You probably need first class then.)

My advice on long hour flights such as this SFO to Incheon, Korea 10-hour flight for smokers?

Don’t forget to bring an e-cigarette, it will calm your nerves and let you make it all the way without getting in fights with flight attendants and people next to you.

I freakin’ love the view of the ocean while it’s flying, don’t you?

We did get some kind of seafood appetizers such as this.

And all the beverage you want including beer or wine but on this flight, I stuck to coke.

Here’s salad on Prestige Class, it’s pretty good.

And lunch was just awesome, this is Bibimbap before you mix everything.

Ummmm, my favorite Bibimbap served on Korean Air.  You get Bibimbap on Economy Class too so don’t worry.

And also some side dishes and Korean seafood soup is served.

Overall, the experience on Korean Air Prestige Class is pretty good although the ticket is usually double Economy.

However I did have a lot of Korean Air Mileage, so I got this flight for free.  If you fly to Korea or Asia a lot, I highly recommend you get a Korean Air credit card.  In the U.S. you can get one through U.S. Bank.

After my bad experience with food on my last flight to Korea on Singapore Air, I will never fly Singapore for the rest of my life.  Even if Korean Air is couple hundred bucks more, it’s totally worth it if you have more time to spend at your travel destination because you didn’t get sick while traveling.

Of course, you can also not eat at all, fasting might work.

For those of you who do appreciate good food, I highly recommend to travel on Korean Air.  Asiana Air is good too but it’s probably second best in my opinion.

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  1. Matthew E says:

    I had thought those e-cigarettes were banned by Korean Air? Anyways it doesn’t matter. Just go to the bathroom and have one. It won’t set off the alarm.

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