Korean 7-Eleven and Korean Coffee!


Korea probably has at least 10 times more 7-Eleven locations than the U.S., there’s one on every corner literally.  Of course, Koreans are quick to adapt 7-Eleven’s popularity (when it came over to Korea 15 or so years ago), they’ve made their own 7-Eleven brands such as this one, Mini-stop, which took over the spread of 7-Elevens in Korea and drove them out of business.

For Koreans, I think it’s a good thing (and smart), why pay franchise royalty when you can make your own?

And in Korean 7-Elevens, there’s a multitude of more coffee drinks to choose from than here in the States.  How many do you see?

Koreans even has their own version of Starbucks, different flavors and different packaging.

I think it’s good to have more choices of coffee to choose from.  Of course, the U.S. is loaded with energy drinks but I prefer coffee when it comes to waking me up in the morning.

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