Highway Rest Area Tour in South Korea![고속도로 휴게소]


One of the perks of traveling in South Korea are the highway rest areas.  Unlike highway rest areas in California where I reside, highway rest areas in South Korea come fully-equipped with fresh food, restaurants, restrooms, and even a mini grocery store.

Instead of hampering your poor body with the usual McDonald’s or Jack In The Box, you can pamper yourself to fresh Korean food, udon, and even steaks.  You can literally find about 20 different types of fresh food to eat here.

Besides good food, there’s also shops where you can buy souvenirs, golf clubs (sometimes), and even local meat shops where they sell Han-woo (Korean beef).

Want a tour of highway rest areas in South Korea?

Well, good thing I took some footage on my last trip, here’s a video tour:

Here’s some more photos of the highway rest areas in South Korea:

Udon is my favorite, it’s really good.

Korean Meat Market!?!

[고속도로 휴게소]

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