Han Woo – “Real” Korean BBQ!


Han Woo is a local, native cattle/cow, it has a slightly lighter color than regular brown cattle. In South Korea, Han Woo is very expensive as there’s not so many of them but Han Woo is one of the most delicious beef in the whole world, in my opinion.

Han Woo beef also boasts the lowest cholesterol levels in beef in the world and also has, believe it or not, plenty of Omega 3 fats, that is unbelievably good beef.

The Han Woo, compared to some beef in the U.S., is much more smooth and tasty. Of course, you can only get Han Woo in Korea, they don’t export it.

In South Korea, most people eat either Australian imported beef or the Han Woo. Australian beef isn’t bad either but it’s certainly not a fresh as Han Woo.

In my recent trip to Korea, I had the pleasure of eating Han Woo, it is indeed very good. If you are steak-addict like me, you will certainly make sure to eat some Han Woo, “the real Korean BBQ” they call it, in Korea.

Also, most Korean BBQ restaurants will use “real”, fresh charcoal, not some kind of gas like here in the States, the “freshness” of Korean BBQ cannot be matched anywhere outside South Korea.

(Here’s Han Woo beef, almost ready for eating, with a bunch of mushrooms, onions, and garlic to eat with your beef.)

Of course, a Korean BBQ meal isn’t complete without all the side dishes.  Every Korean BBQ restaurant in Korea has their own unique side dishes.  And no, you don’t have to pay extra, it’s part of every Korean meal.

This Korean BBQ restaurant I went to served some really good sweet, soy onion salad and some spicy onion salad.

But that’s not all, after you’ve eaten your beef, they will usually serve you with some kind of hot soup.  In our case, we got a free egg soup dish and a soy bean soup (sorta like Japanese Miso soup but Korean version and a bunch more side dishes.

Here’s a tip in case you’ve never been to Korea, they don’t charge you extra if you want refills on your side dishes.  So if you run out, don’t forget to yell “Yu-gi-yo” really loud and ask for more side dishes.  Most Korean restaurants are very busy and loud so the waiters expect you to yell at them.   Yu-gi-yo means “Over Here!”, it’s a Korean tradition that has been around for couple thousand years so do that when you go.

Korean BBQ is also served with more vegetables like Perilla leaves, lettuce, Korean hot green peppers, and soy bean paste.  You can wrap your beef, rice in the leaves/lettuce then put some green peppers, garlic, and some soy bean paste for the full taste.  Think of it as Korean “beef” sushi.

And yes, if you drink, don’t forget to order some Soju (the best is Chamisil brand) along with your Han Woo Korean BBQ.  And yes, you don’t have to worry about driving, they have taxis literally on every block in Seoul, Korea.

Another cool part about eating in Korean restaurants?  There’s no such thing called a tip, you pay for what you eat, that’s it.

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