Cheese DukPoKi Spaghetti, More Expensive Than Beef!


In Korea, beef is rather expensive as most of the beef is imported from Australia or Han Woo, the Korean beef is even more expensive.  Compared to the U.S., beef is about 3-5 times more expensive, you’d be looking at around $20-30 for a pound of frozen beef.

When I lived in Korea for a year couple years back, I remember I couldn’t even afford to eat beef everyday like I do here in San Francisco.  Yes, beef is much more expensive in Korea than New York!

And you know what is more expensive than beef in Korea?  This Cheese DukPoKi Spaghetti, according to a tweet by fellow Korean Pudidic.

In Korea, you will find an abundance of “Korean-version” foods.  For example, you can buy a Korean BBQ hamburger at Burger King in Korea.  At pizza places, you can eat pizza made with potato.  There’s about a thousand different combos of the things we eat here in the U.S.

Is that good?  Of course, that just means you don’t have to be eating the same old spaghetti or pizza.  I remember when this wasn’t the case in the early 80s then slowly starting in the 90s, Koreans started modifying world’s food to make it their own.

Now, there’s so many variations of other culture’s food in Korea, it’s definitely worth your time to visit Korea and try them all, not that you could even if you lived there.

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