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Emergency Button for Residents!

While walking through some aparments in Apgujungdong(압구정동), Seoul, Korea, I happened to notice this “button” that I really wanted to press. Upon closer investigation, it turns out the button is actually an emergency button residents can press in case of an emergency. I am not sure what would happen but I’d imagine a big alarm would go off and maybe alert the residents. It also says, “Do not press to have fun.” Maybe this is a good idea and could help in case of adbuctions and whatnot.

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Android Robots in Korea!

How popular are Android smartphones in South Korea these days?  Very popular. In fact, it’s so popular, they have these Android robots that dance in front of cellphone shops. Most of Korean smartphones including Samsung, LG, Anycall, and others are now universally using Android OS.  In my personal opinion, from traveling South Korea recently, Android’s popularity soars above anything else.  iPhone 4 is still very popular too but there’s about 10 Android smartphone users to 1 iPhone user on average. But they should have these Android robots in the States for sheezy. Here’s two kids “harassing” the Android robot.

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Drunk People in Korea!

Seeing drunk people on the streets of Korea is a very common scene.   But unlike here in the States, it’s not such a bad thing to be too drunk and take some time off on the streets. Why? At least after this guy sobers up, he can take a taxi home.  Taxi is pretty much everywhere in Korea, literally “everywhere” so you never have to drive home drunk. And since Korea has strict policy on other drugs such as marijuana and whatnot, there are more drunkards than anywhere else in the world. Next time I go, I will try to take more photos of drunkards on the streets.  I swear, you can see these drunkards at least once a night.

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Korean 7-Eleven and Korean Coffee!

Korea probably has at least 10 times more 7-Eleven locations than the U.S., there’s one on every corner literally.  Of course, Koreans are quick to adapt 7-Eleven’s popularity (when it came over to Korea 15 or so years ago), they’ve made their own 7-Eleven brands such as this one, Mini-stop, which took over the spread of 7-Elevens in Korea and drove them out of business. For Koreans, I think it’s a good thing (and smart), why pay franchise royalty when you can make your own? And in Korean 7-Elevens, there’s a multitude of more coffee drinks to choose from than here in the States.  How many do you see? Koreans even has their own version of Starbucks, different flavors and different packaging. I think it’s good to have more choices of coffee to choose from.  Of course, the U.S. is loaded with energy drinks but I prefer coffee when it comes to waking me up in the morning.

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Mr. Pizza – The Most Delicious Korean Pizza!

The first time I ate pizza (before I immigrated to the U.S.) was actually in Korea, they used to have PizzaHut in Seoul as early as 1987, or at least that’s the first time I had pizza.  Of course, I fell in love with pizza. Over the last 20 something years since I had my first pizza, South Korea has worked localizing their pizza with some of the popular Korean pizzas like Korean BBQ pizza, Potato Pizza, or even Kimchi pizza. Anyways, my all-time favorite Korean pizza is the potato pizza from Korean pizza franchise Mr. Pizza. I found out last week when I was in Koreatown, Los Angeles, that they have a bunch of stores (and ate some of course).  So if you live in Southern California, you might be lucky enough to visit and try the potato pizza.

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Super Large Korean Brush!

On the streets of Insadong in Seoul Korea, I was walking and spotted this super large brush.  I believe this is what they used back in the day (like since 3000 years ago) to make signs and whatnot.  Pretty cool huh? And check out some of other varieties of traditional Korean brushes this store sells. Click Here for the GoogleMaps GPS location of Insadong in Seoul Korea.

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Sorae Pogu Fish Market in Incheon Korea! – Part 5

(Fresh Oysters!) After walking around the Sorae Pogu market for about an hour, we decided to eat some Korean sashimi.  They looked so yummy, my aunt and I decided to eat some. At the market, there are some fish stores that have a place inside for you to eat the fish.  You can also buy different types of fish then go to a place that will filet the fish and make it edible. These are the stores that have place to sit inside.  But if you prefer, they will sit you on the street with the view of the boats coming into the docks.  Since I like the view, we decided to sit down on the streets like some other old men were doing and getting drunk. This ain’t the most comfortable setting but at least you’ve got some fresh fish and view of the ocean. First, we ordered some live octopus, my favorite food of all time. Then we ordered oysters, these are the ones we saw earlier and they just melt in your mouth. My aunt ordered us a bunch of different types of Korean sashimi.  I am not even sure what each of these are but they … Continue reading

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Sorae Pogu Fish Market in Incheon Korea! – Part 4

Near the docks where the fishing boats are coming in, there’s even more stores that sell literally fresh shrimps just off the boat. These shrimps are actually live still, moving around. Check out these fish just fresh off the boat, can you spot the shark here?  Since these fish are more fresh than inside the fish market, you will have to pay a bit more. (and haggle of course) It’s only 11:45AM now, there’s still a lot of people at this market, that tells you how crazy Koreans are about fresh fish. Check out soy-marinated raw crabs, these are my favorite, called Gae-jang in Korean. These Korean blue crabs are literally everywhere! Click Here to Read Part 5! Go back to Part 3

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Sorae Pogu Fish Market in Incheon Korea! – Part 3

Once we reached the end of Sorae Pogu fish market, we came to the dock where the actual fishing boats were coming back with fresh fish. I decided to take a closer look at these Korean fishing boats. By seeing the nets and some shrimps, I think this boat was a shrimp boat. As you can tell, they kinda rigged up everything here but I guess it works well by judging how much fish is at the market. We also ran into this store that had like 50 different types of Korean shells.  That’s a lot of shells if you ask me, maybe at least 2 weeks to try them all! The store name is “Shell Heaven”, I can’t really disagree with that I guess. These Korean blue crabs are wildy popular among Korean people, it’s a traditional icon almost.  If you’ve watched Forest Gump you will know what I mean, Koreans make Crab Spicy sashimi, Crab soup, Crab salad, etc…etc… Click Here to Read Part 4! Go back to Part 2

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Sorae Pogu Fish Market in Incheon Korea! – Part 2

When we actually arrived at the center of Sorae Pogu fish market, we were delighted with all kinds of fresh fish they had. Everyone kept yelling at us to buy their stuff, just typical Korean-style of trying to get customers interested in buying their fish. Check out some of these fresh shrimps, fresh off the boat. Koreans love to eat Sashimi with live fish, here’s some live fish you can eat sashimi with.   They have virtually no Korean sashimi outside Korea, I believe this is mainly due to the fact that Korean fish doesn’t live in the U.S. waters.   There’s like a thousand different types of Korean fish sashimi the world doesn’t know about. Of course, Koreans don’t eat everything live, they also make fish soup, fried fish, etc…etc… Check out some of these native, Korean crabs.  They are very similar to the blue crabs in the U.S. but of course, it tastes better for Korean food. Koreans also eat all types of fish intestines and, here’s a store we spotted that sold them. Koreans like to marinate the fish intestines and eggs with Korean hot pepper flavor, doesn’t it look yummy? By the way, these fish intestines … Continue reading

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