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Korean Sushi – Kimbab [김밥]

Another one of my favorite Korean foods (I know, there’s so many!) is Kimbab, which is basically Korean sushi.  “Kim” means seaweed and “Bab” means rice so if you put it together it makes “Kimbab” [김밥]. In Korea, there’s literally a Kimbab store on every other block that sell like 30 different types of Kimbab.  This one I ordered was the beef Kimbab but there’s other delicious Kimbabs like Tuna Kimbab, Kimchi Kimbab, Macaroni Kimbab, and whatever you can imagine in your head. The Kimbab usually comes in rolls, sliced and wrapped in aluminum foil and they probably go for about $2 per roll.  Get two of these rolls and you’ve got yourself a really healthy lunch and still money left in your wallet. Next time I go (I am actually going to be on the plane by the time this post goes live), I will make sure to take a video of a local Kimbab shop. It’s soooo good.  For those of you who don’t like live fish, Kimbab will be good for you as it has no live fish unlike Japanese sushi.

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