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This site (blog) is dedicated to showing real life Korea.  Whether you are interested or have been to South Korea, we hope you enjoy our photos, videos, and more.

About Author

(Max Lee, kickin’ it at Krispy Kreme in Korea.)

Max Lee is a Korean American who grew up in Seoul, South Korea until the age of 9.  From time to time, Max goes back to South Korea to meet his family and friends.  On his last trip to South Korea, Max realized that the world doesn’t really know about the “real” Korea and he made it his mission to make people see through this website.

Want to contact the author? E-mail me at max [at] travel-korea.net!

Max’s Favorite Korean Foods

Max’s all-time favorite Korean food is the live octopus, Hanwoo beef, Korean street food, Korean sashimi, and Korean Potato Pizza.

Korean grapes and pears are the best I’ve tried.

I also make Korean rice wine, Makkoli at home and an avid makkoli taster.


미국 샌프란시스코에 사는 이정일입니다. 한국에 재밌는 것을 세계에 알리기 위해서 이 사이트를 만들었습니다.

한국에 대한 재밌는 사진이나 비데오가 있으면 max [at] travel-korea.net으로 보내주세요, 블로그에 올리겠습니다.



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  1. Yolly says:

    Hi Max,

    I’m a Singaporean. I am planning to go over to Korea next week. Just wondering if you will be free to guide me around.


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