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N Seoul Tower – NamSan Tower! [Part 4]

When you walk around a bit, you will find these Christmas trees (or love trees I found out) where people will lock their locks with some writing. Let’s take a close look at how crazy Koreans are about leaving their love mark on the N Seoul Tower. You can see “Dr Cindy Leung”, looks like many tourists have left their mark too.  You don’t have to bring your own lock but just buy it at the N Seoul Tower gift shop and lock-in your love life here too when you visit. Some locks look like they have been here for over a decade! Korea is probably only place where they allow people to leave their locks like this. Some even use bike locks, um… And some use ping pong balls. Literally there’s millions locks, I wonder if we can even count them all. Here’s a cool shot I took of the love tree over N Seoul Tower. It doesn’t end here though, later I will show you even more locks. Go back to Part 3 Go to Part 5

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N Seoul Tower – NamSan Tower! [Part 3]

The N Seoul Tower has multiple levels at the very top, with restaurants, observatory, and more. Here’s a close-up shot of N Seoul Tower under the tower. I think these antennas are actually used for mobile smartphones and whatnot. To get to the observatory, you will have to buy a ticket.  Don’t worry, there’s a high-speed elevator that takes you up there.  The ticket is 8,000 won or around $7.50 USD. The N Seoul Tower can be seen from most parts of Seoul, it looked so small but in reality is pretty darn huge. Go back to Part 2 Go to Part 4

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N Seoul Tower – NamSan Tower! [Part 2]

When you first get off the cable car, you can see the walking path that you can also take to get here. N Seoul Tower is getting nearer and nearer but we still have to walk up a bit. Koreans love coffee, wine, and all types of food including Italian food.  You can find more than a dozen restaurants at N Seoul Tower. Prices aren’t too bad either, they are not over-priced. This is the Mongmyeoksan Beacon Hill Site where they used to use it for last place to fight off enemies and communicate via signals. This is the view from Mongmyeoksan Beacon Hill Site. Many couples will leave their mark here at Mongmyeoksan Beacon Hill Site. This is what Mongmyeoksan Beacon Hill Site looks like from a bit away. Go back to Part I Go to Part 3

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N Seoul Tower – NamSan Tower! [Part 1]

On my last visit to Seoul, Korea, I visited the N Seoul Tower or also called NamSan Tower for years by residents. There’s several ways to get to the N Seoul Tower and last time I drove up almost all the way to the top and walked up.  This time, I decided to try a different route and take the cable car. If you travel a block down from the N Seoul Tower cable car building, you will find several Tonkatsu restaurants that specialize in only serving Tonkatsu and are renowned in Korea for having the best Tonkatsu. So, I did try some Tonkatsu before I took up on the cable car as I was rather hungry. It was definitely a really good and hearty meal so I definitely advise you to stop by this area for some tonkatsu if you are going to go to N Seoul Tower. In between the tonkatsu restaurants and the N Seoul Tower cable car building, I saw a bunch of Chinese people waiting at what I believe is the Chinese embassy.  Don’t ask me why but there were waiting for something. This is where the N Seoul Tower cable car starts, just a typical … Continue reading

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Korean Gas Stations

For those of you who might visit Korea, you might notice something about Korean gas stations. What is that? Look carefully and tell me what you can find in the photo above and below: If you look very carefully, you will notice that there’s gas handles coming from the top! Yes, that’s quite the norm for most Korean gas stations. And Korean gas stations are all “full service”, they will not let you pour your own gas. No, no need to tip them either, there’s no tipping in Korea unless you “really” want to. Most of these gas stations will also give you free stuff like napkins everytime you fill up. When you fill up your car at a Korean gas station, you just need to tell them how much you want to fill up. For example, tell them “20,000 won” if you want to fill up 20,000 won worth of gas. If you want full fill-up, just say “Man-Dang”.

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Rainbow Cafe over HanGang River!

If you enjoy nice views and a nice cup of coffee, you might want to definitely head over to the Rainbow Cafe, which has a fantastic view of the HanGang River. The Rainbow Cafe isn’t too big and there’s no parking so you might want to think ahead and go on a less busy day using a taxi or bus. However, there is a bus stop right by the Rainbow Cafe. For me, I was walking the HanGang river and noticed an elevator to the Rainbow Cafe. Yes, you can get there by visiting the HanGang river too. The Rainbow Cafe is open from 11AM to 11PM so plan accordingly! The Rainbow Cafe offers about 30-40 seats, certainly a nice place to quietly write blog posts like this one. Next time I go to Korea, I will spend a bit of time at Rainbow Cafe while doing some blogging. Why not? I love working on stuff while enjoying nice views, who doesn’t? There’s 360 degree views of the HanGang river and city of Seoul. Of course, coffee is good too, I ordered some freshly made ice latte, it was really delicious. Not too over-priced either. I thought this was the … Continue reading

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Korean Moving Portable Elevator!

Just when you thought, “it would be easier to move if they made a moving portable elevator”, Koreans make it. The other day I was walking and noticed this moving portable elevator that was moving stuff to an aparment. I can’t understand why they don’t have this in America. This is definitely going to save me some time moving and stop people from clogging up my apartment’s elevator or destroying things while moving. They used to actually have an elevator that was attached to the roof of most apartment buildings back in the day when I used to be a kid in Korea, now they have this, certainly much better idea. In Korea, labor is so much cheaper, especially for things like moving. On the other hand, because labor is so cheap, you won’t get rich being something like a plumber or electrician.

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Tour of Korean High School!

The other week, I happened to be walking by a Korean high school by Apgujungdong and decided to take couple photos to share with you. This is a typical Korean high school, made with bricks with 3-4 levels, sand soccer/basketball field, fountains, and some room for teacher parking. No, don’t expect your high school kids to drive to school like in America, that’s never going to happen, it’s so “wrong” in Korean culture. Of course, in most parts of the U.S., you can’t even “survive” without a car so let’s say it’s different. Soccer is the most popular sport in South Korea, that’s why the soccer field invade the center of the sand field while basketball courts are put to the side. In Korea, there’s no really option to build 1-level buildings, especially in Seoul where land in scarce. Some parts of Seoul are as expensive as luxury mansions in New York. This is what typical fountains look like in a Korean school. This is the guide for teachers to park, you can only park here on certain days when your license number ends in the numbers shown on the chart. It says, “Dreams come true.” Apgujungdong is actually one … Continue reading

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Emergency Button for Residents!

While walking through some aparments in Apgujungdong(압구정동), Seoul, Korea, I happened to notice this “button” that I really wanted to press. Upon closer investigation, it turns out the button is actually an emergency button residents can press in case of an emergency. I am not sure what would happen but I’d imagine a big alarm would go off and maybe alert the residents. It also says, “Do not press to have fun.” Maybe this is a good idea and could help in case of adbuctions and whatnot.

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