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My Favorite Korean Beer? – Hite!

If you ask me what my favorite Korean beer is?  It would be “Hite”, as featured here at the COEX mall. Hite is a pretty light beer with distinctive “Korean” beer taste.  This is also favorite among many Koreans. Of course, you can easily get Hite at Korean supermarkets here in the States so the next time you go, don’t forget to pick up Hite. P.S. I always wonder why they named it “Hite”.   There’s probably no reason.

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Samsung Galaxy Zone in COEX!

In Korea, you will find more Galaxy Zone stores than Apple Stores, mostly because Samsung is a Korean company and they literally run the country with their latest gadgets such as the Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphones and Samsung Galaxy Tabs. This Galaxy Zone is located in COEX mall in Seoul, Korea in the Samsung District.  (Yes, can you believe it?  There’s a district called “Samsung” district!  That’s not, there’s condos named after “Samsung” and etc…etc…) The Galaxy Tab Android tablets sold in Korea support over-the-air DMB TV, this is actually better than anything we get here in the states because it’s actually over the air.  DMB is not supported in the U.S. (yet) due to frequency issues with the FCC. There’s even Galaxy Zones in the middle of the mall, these are actually mini-booths showing Samsung’s new products.

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Drunk People in Korea!

Seeing drunk people on the streets of Korea is a very common scene.   But unlike here in the States, it’s not such a bad thing to be too drunk and take some time off on the streets. Why? At least after this guy sobers up, he can take a taxi home.  Taxi is pretty much everywhere in Korea, literally “everywhere” so you never have to drive home drunk. And since Korea has strict policy on other drugs such as marijuana and whatnot, there are more drunkards than anywhere else in the world. Next time I go, I will try to take more photos of drunkards on the streets.  I swear, you can see these drunkards at least once a night.

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