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Motorcycle Korean Cops!

Korean economy has certainly gotten better over the last 20 years or so and now Korean motorcycle cops get to drive some nice bikes like a BMW or Harleys. Not sure why Korean cops chose to drive foreign-made bikes but most likely because they like them. Not all motorcycle cops get to drive the nicer bikes but the higher-ranking police do. BMW and Harley bikes are pretty popular in Korea and I will have some more posts on that soon too. By the way, motorcycle is called “Auto-buy” in Korea.  Not sure why but it’s called “auto-buy”. [오토바이경찰] (Mr. officer guiding the traffic near Kang Nam station.)

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PatBingSu – Korean Ice Cream/Yogurt!

PatBingSu is probably the most delicious Korean ice cream/yogurt, it’s the most delicious (and healthy) delicacy you will try in Korea. What is PatBingSu (팥빙수)? It’s a mix of milk, shredded ice, sweet beans, and lots of fruit (and sometimes candy). You usually eat PatBingSu during summer because it gets so hot and PatBingSu will cool you down quickly.  Also it’s very good for you because most of the ingredients are fruit and vegetables. Even KFC, McDonalds, and Burger King in Korea will sell PatBingSu during the summer so the next time you are in Korea, don’t forget to try PatBingSu. To eat PatBingSu, you can eat a little bit at a time or mix it all up like how I like to do it and enjoy some delicious Korean yogurt. In Korea, they actually sell PatBingSu ice shredding machines so you can make it at home too.  My mom used to make them for me when I was younger, this is something you cannot miss. Usually you can’t find PatBingSu during winter months but if you are there during non-summer months, you can go to Rossi Mango at COEX mall in Seoul, Korea to enjoy it like I dido.

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Clothing for Trees During Fall and Winter!

If you visit Korea during the cold seasons in the fall and winter, you will see many trees with clothes on. Why? In the fall and winter, Korea gets pretty darn cold, especially when it snows.  Sometimes this can kill younger, smaller trees so Koreans like to give their trees some clothing using some hay. This will protect the trees from freezing and dying.   It’s a very familiar scene if you happen to go to Korea in the winter. Tree Clothing – [나무 옷] – Na-Mu-Ot For really small baby trees, it gets a nice hay-hat treatment.

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Sunset in Seoul, Korea over Han River!

Honestly, watching sunset in the city of Seoul is very hard because there are so many building everywhere and so little view.  Unless you are on top of a building, mountain, or the Han River (which goes across the middle of Seoul), you are not going to see too much sunset. I have the pleasure of walking the Hannam bridge, which goes right over the Han River, and took some photos. What I really enjoy is the city atmosphere mixed with the river and the sunset.  Korea definitely has its own kind of sunset, something I will miss greatly when I am back in the States.

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Android Robots in Korea!

How popular are Android smartphones in South Korea these days?  Very popular. In fact, it’s so popular, they have these Android robots that dance in front of cellphone shops. Most of Korean smartphones including Samsung, LG, Anycall, and others are now universally using Android OS.  In my personal opinion, from traveling South Korea recently, Android’s popularity soars above anything else.  iPhone 4 is still very popular too but there’s about 10 Android smartphone users to 1 iPhone user on average. But they should have these Android robots in the States for sheezy. Here’s two kids “harassing” the Android robot.

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Korean Sushi – Kimbab [김밥]

Another one of my favorite Korean foods (I know, there’s so many!) is Kimbab, which is basically Korean sushi.  “Kim” means seaweed and “Bab” means rice so if you put it together it makes “Kimbab” [김밥]. In Korea, there’s literally a Kimbab store on every other block that sell like 30 different types of Kimbab.  This one I ordered was the beef Kimbab but there’s other delicious Kimbabs like Tuna Kimbab, Kimchi Kimbab, Macaroni Kimbab, and whatever you can imagine in your head. The Kimbab usually comes in rolls, sliced and wrapped in aluminum foil and they probably go for about $2 per roll.  Get two of these rolls and you’ve got yourself a really healthy lunch and still money left in your wallet. Next time I go (I am actually going to be on the plane by the time this post goes live), I will make sure to take a video of a local Kimbab shop. It’s soooo good.  For those of you who don’t like live fish, Kimbab will be good for you as it has no live fish unlike Japanese sushi.

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Bam – Naked Chestnuts – [밤]

You will find many of these street food stands selling “Nude” chestnuts.  These aren’t really nude  but they are roasted chestnuts and are pretty darn good. Koreans love chestnuts so don’t forget to eat some of these on the streets while you are traveling in Korea.

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Korean People in Masks!

In Korea, it’s not uncommon to find people wearing masks, especially near the fall and winter seasons. Why? It’s supposed to help from getting diseases such as flu and whatnot.  Since many Koreans travel on subways and buses, it’s a good idea for them to wear masks. As for me, I think I will stick to taking my chances, masks just don’t look good on me unless I am trying to rob a bank.

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YongSan Electronic District in Seoul, Korea!

YongSan (용산) District in Seoul, Korea is the oldest and the biggest electronic district in Korea.   Now there’s a bunch of districts in Seoul with focus on gadgets but YongSan District is still the biggest gadget land in Korea. Here, you can find anything from a PS3, smartphone, electronic parts and anything that’s electronic. If there was something like a Silicon Valley in Korea (where consumers can buy gadgets on the cheap), it would be called YongSan (or is it is). I used to come to YongSan often when I used to live in Korea as a youngster to pick up PC components.  Here, there’s no real set price on anything, you need to “haggle” your way. Sometimes, you can pick up electronics for fractions of the price.  One time, I picked up an audio PC card at 75% off its retail price. Of course, tourists must be even more careful as the retailers here will over-charge you if they know you are a tourist.  But don’t worry, you just need to shop around, there’s like a hundred stores selling the same thing, just find the store with the lowest prices. At YongSan, you will find a ton of … Continue reading

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