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GopChang – Korean Dish – Pig and Cow Intestines!

(GopChang (곱창) is fully cooked with potatoes, onions, and other vegetables for flavor.) On my last travel to Korea, I had the pleasure of enjoying one of the finest dishes of Korea, GopChang which is pig and cow intestines full of cholesterol. This isn’t a dish for most first-time westerners but it’s certainly worth a try as it actually tastes really good. There’s actually two types of GopChang, pig intestines and cow intestines.  Cow intestines in my opinion tastes better and it is indeed more expensive.  In this case, we ordered a mix of each. Koreans love fresh cooked food and that is why for most cooked meats, you cook the food on a grill right on the table and eat it while it’s still hot and fresh, that’s the Korean way. Because the smell of cooking GopChang can get on your clothes and also oil can splatter, the GopChang restaurants in Korea usually provide you with a kitchen aprons you can wear like my friend is doing here. Also, these restaurants that sell GopChang only sell GopChang.  Most Korean restaurants only sell what they are good at because there’s so much competition.   And no, you won’t find that … Continue reading

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Korean 7-Eleven and Korean Coffee!

Korea probably has at least 10 times more 7-Eleven locations than the U.S., there’s one on every corner literally.  Of course, Koreans are quick to adapt 7-Eleven’s popularity (when it came over to Korea 15 or so years ago), they’ve made their own 7-Eleven brands such as this one, Mini-stop, which took over the spread of 7-Elevens in Korea and drove them out of business. For Koreans, I think it’s a good thing (and smart), why pay franchise royalty when you can make your own? And in Korean 7-Elevens, there’s a multitude of more coffee drinks to choose from than here in the States.  How many do you see? Koreans even has their own version of Starbucks, different flavors and different packaging. I think it’s good to have more choices of coffee to choose from.  Of course, the U.S. is loaded with energy drinks but I prefer coffee when it comes to waking me up in the morning.

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